Metering Installation Requirements

In February 2019, the members of CMIG agreed to form a Working Group to develop a guideline for electricity metering installation design requirements.  The objective of the guideline is to ensure that buildings being constructed and upgraded in the NEM can be configured in a manner that supports the safe, efficient, accurate and secure installation of metering equipment.

The guideline has been called the “Metering Installation Requirements” (MIR’s).

The working group has been guided by its terms of reference and has been working since February to build consensus on these Metering Installation Requirements.

An initial draft of the MIR’s covering Whole Current metering installations has been released and we are now seeking feedback from the broader industry on these draft requirements by November 30 2019.

View the draft MIR’s here

Feedback can be provided via the members of the Working Group (List available here).

The Working Group is now working on documenting the requirements for LV CT Metering and will look to include these along with feedback on this draft in a further version to be released by the end of 2019.