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Metering Installation Requirements

In February 2019, the members of CMIG agreed to form a Working Group to develop a guideline for electricity metering installation design requirements.  The objective of the guideline is to ensure that buildings being constructed and upgraded in the NEM can be configured in a manner that supports the safe, efficient, accurate and secure installation ...

Isolation Issues: Discussion Paper

The AEMC’s 2015 Competition in Metering reforms transferred the responsibility for metering for Small Customers from the Distribution Networks to Retailers. Changes to metering arrangements will be driven by the customer for ‘New Connections’ and ‘Adds and alts’, the retailer for retailer led new deployments and by the Network businesses in the case of meter malfunctions and family failures. ...

Remote Services Code

From 1 December 2017, consumers have had the Power of Choice of a broader range of technologies, products and services that meet their specific energy needs. This Power of Choice is all about opportunities for consumers to make informed choices about how they use energy; and to provide incentives for efficient investment, so future community ...

Terms of Reference

Competitive Metering Industry Group Terms of Reference.

Draft Code of Practice for Installation of WC meters

Code for safe installation of type 4 whole current electricity metering in the National Electricity Market.  This draft code is being adhered to by CMIG members and is scheduled to be reviewed in early 2020 and then released as a final version.